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AFRICA CENTRE FOR EDUCATION AND COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT (ACECD) is an incorporated organisation by the Registrar of Companies as a limited by guarantee company in Ghana. ACECD is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to advancing education and social development in sub-Saharan Africa.

The organisation focuses mainly on holistic education and infrastructural development, social and economic empowerment, Climate change and sustainable development. The key values of ACECD are accountability, transparency, trustworthiness, collaboration, selflessness and charity. We are accountable to our donors, volunteers, programme beneficiaries, and the general public.

Our Objectives

1. Community mobilisation and social development.

2. Inclusive Education for sustainable development.

3. Climate change and environmental protection.

4. Technical and vocational skills training for the marginalised and under-privileged in society.

5. Educational research and Advocacy.

6. Capacity building and professional development programmes for educational Professionals.

Our Values

As Educational and Community Development professionals, we value:

1. Education as a means to help people identify assets, capacities, skills, needs, resources, and solutions.

2. Civic and social involvement (or participation) to improve the quality of community/neighborhood life.

3. Internal and external collaborations for partnerships.

4. The uniqueness of individuals and communities/neighborhoods.

5. The development of viable communities through the wise use of natural, economic, social, and human resources.

6.Scientific information management and cultural adaptation as a basis for collaboration and decisions.

Mission Statement

“ To develop and implement innovative community-based strategies in enhancing socio-economic opportunities, building strong neighborhood support programmes, and ensuring a dynamic framework for quality lifelong learning and education through professional development and skills training for a sustainable development. ”

Our Vision

Our vision is to help communities in Ghana and Sub-Saharan African countries by:

1. Assisting communities to improve their educational learning environment by providing infrastructure.

2. Providing them with skills and vocational training to help improve their businesses to alleviate poverty. ACECD seeks to empower people through education and Competence-Based Training.

The organization has a focus on the following areas of societal development


To provide training in best practices in maintaining our environment for sustainable development and the ecosystem.


Provide training and education on climate change and its implication for society.


The organization engages in educational research and recommends solutions to the identified problems in society's educational system.


To provide young men and women with technical and vocational skills to make them employable or self-employed. The organisation also provide training in best farming practices and support individual and cooperative farmers with the needed farming implements to help boost production and alleviate poverty.


In the field of education, we provide schools in the various communities with building infrastructure, books and teaching and learning materials to improve learning outcome and quality education. We provide ongoing professional development to teachers on innovative teaching methods to improve their teaching skills and students’ academic performance.
The organisation also organizes programmes to educate children, the youth, women and the general public on peace, citizenship, hygiene, water sanitation and environmental protection.


Pursuing activities to relieve suffering, and address the interest of the poor for them to live comfortable lives in Ghana and sub-Saharan Africa. The Centre also Provides portable water in various communities. Helping to improve the standard of living and mental health and wellness in the communities.

Brief History

The vision of establishing AFRICA CENTRE FOR EDUCATION AND COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT(ACECD) was nursed by Rev. Fr. RICHARD KWABENA AKROFI BAAFI a few years ago when his priestly activities took him to remote places of Ghana. Being part of the community, he experienced the dehumanising social conditions that confronted rural communities. The lack of basic social amenities such as safe school buildings, instructional materials, places of convenience, potable water, clinic, road, to mention a few, have aggravated the plight of most rural communities in Ghana. This development has brought about extreme hardship, low school enrollment, high teenage pregnancy rate, and abject poverty.

Father Richard felt that the rural communities needed urgent attention and empowerment to end the cycle of poverty and illiteracy. During his pastoral activities, he used his meagre stipends to support the poor, sick, and orphans. Fr Richard also took a keen interest in assisting needy but brilliant students in receiving formal education. He also used his vehicle to convey free of charge women in labour and referred patients to clinical facilities. Besides, some families depended on him to meet their daily means of livelihood. Fr Richard was motivated to do more for the communities he lived in because he saw the smiles his activities brought to the lives of these remote communities he served.

The request for support from people who knew his generosity as a priest increased tremendously over the years. He wished he could help all who walk to him for assistance but had limited resources personally. A few of his friends supported some of the communities in diverse ways. Fr Richard, an educational scientist, believes in quality education as the key to sustainable community development and poverty alleviation. The support activities of Fr. Richard and his friends continued for awhile informally with many achievements to their credit at various levels.

The history of this organization will not be complete without mentioning the current Country Director for Ghana Benjamin Kofi Baafi. He played a selfless role in making the dream a fruition. The organization owes him a dozen of gratitude for his contribution.

In conclusion, a lot of benefactors who contributed to the formation of this organization but for personal reasons want to remain anonymous we're very grateful for your support.

Africa Centre for Education and Community Development Africa Centre for Education and Community Development